Monday, 11 October 2010

Leicester Speaks: on the air

At BBC Radio Leicester this morning, to be interviewed live on air by Ben Jackson about Leicester Speaks (AKA Local Democracy Week). I go on at about 0840 for five minutes or so. A short prerecorded Vox Pop is played before I go on which (from an insider's point of view) misses the point entirely, in which a few local people say that there's no point in voting, all politicians are the same and so on - and one woman says that you can't say anything in Leicester these days are you get your wrist slapped by the politically correct brigade. Not one of them positive and not really what Leicester Speaks is about anyway. I do my best to correct that misrepresentation and give the week a right good puff up, especially for the launch event taking place in Humberstone Gate later this morning. At the end, Ben asks me to take off my Leicester Speaks hat and put on my Council of Faiths one, to say something about the events of the weekend gone by.

On the way out, I bump into Sheila Lock, Chief Executive of Leicester City Council, who's waiting to go on air next. She's still wearing such a big grin after how it all turned out, especially the "We Are One Leicester" celebration on Sunday.

Find out more about Leicester Speaks (AKA Local Democracy Week):

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