Friday, 8 October 2010


As its contribution to Leicester Speaks (AKA Local Democracy Week), Leicester Council of Faiths is presenting a series of dialogues, involving each of our member faith communities. But there’s a twist! These meetings match up groups who don’t normally get the opportunity to speak in public, so we’ll experience some new and different sorts of encounters, in which new things will be said by new people.

Each speaker will address the topic, “What does our community bring to the city of Leicester?” A ten minute presentation by each speaker will be followed by the chance to respond to questions.

The intention is that the meetings will be small in scale, friendly in tone, informal, positive and mutually supportive. These are not meant to be arguments over contentious issues or academic debates about competing truth claims. We’ll have the chance to break down old barriers, build new bridges, make new friends. Meetings are open to anyone, from any background. To listen to some views we may not have heard before and to chat with people who may not have heard us.
Tue 12 Oct, 1400-1500, Jain / Sikh dialogue at Leicester Adult Education College, Wellington Street, Leicester LE1 6HL

Wed 13 Oct, 1100-1200, Bahá'í / Christian dialogue at the Welcome Centre, Pilgrim House, 10 Bishop Street, Town Hall Square, Leicester LE1 6AF

Thu 14 Oct, 1400-1500, Buddhist / Muslim dialogue at the Welcome Centre

Fri 15 Oct, 1100-1200, Hindu / Jewish dialogue at Phoenix Square Film & Digital Media Centre (Screen Room), 4 Midland Street, Leicester LE1 1TG

We're especially encouraging people not just to attend the meeting in which a speaker from their own community is involved, but to go along to another one too. It's the chance to learn something new and do something different.

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