Monday, 1 October 2012


After more than five years working for Leicester Council of Faiths in a full-time capacity, my job goes part time from today. I'll be contracted to work 20 hours per week, based at the Welcome Centre (our HQ in Pilgrim House, Bishop Street, Town Hall Squarte) on Tuesdays (1330-1730), Wednesdays (0900-1730) and Thursdays (0900-1730). These contracted hours can be worked flexitime on other days, at other times or at other venues in pursuit of these tasks and duties, but they should not exceed 80 hours in a four-week period.

This is the only way to sustain the post in this period when our funding (like so many other VCS organisations) has flatlined. As it is, we have no guarantee of any funding at all beyond the end of 2012. What can I say? We hope for the best but plan for the worst.

This present position is the result of lengthy, detailed and rigorous consultation with the Board of Leicester Council of Faiths and particularly with my Line Manager, Tony Nelson. I'm grateful to everyone who has taken part in the consultations that have brought us to this state.

Below is a description of my duties in the new post. If you've been paying attention, faithful reader (and I trust that you have) you'll see that they're not all that different from my duties in the old one; but for the moment I'll have to do less of them and get paid less for doing so. This is a general outline of course, the specific ways in which these tasks and duties are met are largely up to me, in agreement with my Line Manager, the Personnel Management Group (consisting of three current members of the Board of Directors) and above them, the Board itself.

Apologies to Sir Paul McCartney for the title of this blog entry.


  1. Promote accurate knowledge of the diverse communities of religion or belief in Leicester and environs. 
  1. Help members of Leicester Council of Faiths (communities and individuals) to consult and co-operate on matters of common concern. 
  1. Strengthen links between Leicester Council of Faiths and relevant service providers and VCS organisations in Leicester and environs. 
  1. Bring together members of the diverse communities of religion or belief in Leicester and environs to participate in relevant activities. 
  1. Contribute fully to SACRE by participating in its meetings and assisting with relevant tasks outside meetings. 
  1. Organise and assist members of Leicester Council of Faiths (communities and individuals) to participate in inter-faith activities for the benefit of the people of Leicester and environs. 
  1. Collaborate with Leicester City Council to ensure that the views of the city’s communities of religion or belief may be taken into account in the planning, delivery and monitoring of services and that City Council’s policies, practices and procedures reduce discrimination. 
  1. Seek appropriate funding to sustain this post and obtain income for Leicester Council of Faiths.

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