Tuesday, 16 October 2012


The steering group working on De Montfort University's forthcoming event, "Celebrating Diversity on Campus: Religion or Belief Showcase" meets this morning  at the Eric Wood Building.

This event (scheduled for Wednesday 28 November) is promising to be something rather special. A variety of interesting activities is being proposed - and some of them aren't the kind you'd normally expect to find at a faith-based event. I'm not giving anything away just yet; you'll have to watch this space.

One of the key aspects to making this a success will be the matching up of faith groups among DMU students and staff with their counterparts in the wider community, out in the city in general. This might prove to be a bit trickier than it sounds and may require some considerable effort. It will be a worthwhile thing to do though, which will hopefully yield positive developments not only for this event but also in  future; so we'd better apply ourselves.

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