Wednesday, 10 October 2012


This article appears in today's Leicester Mercury:

Music, mantras and meditation for worshippers
Hundreds of people have enjoyed a weekend of music, mantras and meditation.
They were taking part in the Kirtan Fest, a two-day festival at the new Hare Krishna Centre in Granby Street, Leicester, which was the finale of 10 days of celebrations for worshippers.
The event involved chanting ancient Sanskrit mantras, accompanied by Eastern and Western instruments, said to uplift the soul and relax the mind.
Pradyumna Das, president of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness Leicester, (Iskcon) said: "This is the easiest form of meditation, because people like music, people like singing and people like dancing, and you can do all of this in mantra meditation."
Nimai Devi Dasi, of Iskcon, said: "It was a really nice event, we've had some lovely feedback.
"People were coming in off the streets to take part and we cooked for 500 on each of the two days.
"It's the first one we've done. It followed eight evenings chanting at venues in Leicester and this was the grand finale. It was good fun."

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