Friday, 14 September 2012


Regular update on the number of pageviews received from different parts of the world in the week just ending.
  1. United Kingdom 927
  2. United States 686
  3. Russia 417
  4. France 134
  5. Ukraine 73
  6. India 57
  7. Germany 33
  8. China 28
  9. Poland 16
  10. Australia 14

This week's total: 2,385 (last week: 2,183). These are aggregates of figures from the top ten countries only. Blogger's analytics doesn't show the numbers of pageviews below the tenth-ranking country and they don’t show the cumulative total including those additional countries, which is undoubtedly larger than the number shown above.

The world map at the top of this post is the graphic that I see on the stats page. The darker the green, the more pageviews from that country. I can see different versions of that map for "now" (i.e. in the last two hours), "today", "this week", "this month" and "all time". They're updated each time I look at them.

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