Wednesday, 26 September 2012


This letter appears in today's Leicester Mercury:
Doubts sowed in use by Satan
There have been many letters to Mailbox about the existence of God. Some people demand proof of God's existence, although the nature of the required proof is not clear.
Perhaps the only acceptable proof for them is when they meet God face to face.
Doubting Thomas was only convinced when he could thrust his hand into Christ's side.
Satan knows full well that God exists, but chooses to go his own evil way. He does his best to sow doubts into the minds of all people.
He even offered the world to Jesus. He said: "It's mine, but I will give it all to you if you will only bow down and worship me." Christ declined the offer.
This suggests that each of us may be under attack from evil forces at some time or other and we may do our best to make the right choice.
One reason for our doubts is that we all live in an essentially physical world, yet man is both a physical and a spiritual being.
Living in a physical world means most people have little experience of their spiritual side during their lifetimes.
This may hinder our understanding of what is going on. We may be unaware that considerable struggles are going on in Heaven.
God is Love, but Satan works against everything that is good in the world and persuades the people that God is to blame for bad things that happen.
Although we will all endure the death of our physical bodies, our spiritual lives may continue.
The purpose of Christ coming to Earth was to preach the good news that through his sacrifice, people may be saved from their sins.
As for proof of all this, well, I have never seen Antarctica. I am sure it exists... yet can I be absolutely sure because no one has proved it to me?
Nigel Mutimer, Coalville

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