Saturday, 22 September 2012


This article appears in today's Leicester Mercury:

Peaceful protesters make their point
Peace campaigners handed out white peace poppies at Leicester's Clock Tower yesterday to mark the United Nations Day of Peace.
Members of Leicester Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament gathered at the Clock Tower with banners and leaflets to spread their messages.
The group is campaigning against wars throughout the world, as well as nuclear weapons and the use of unmanned aircraft by the military. Committee member Anna Cheetham said the campaigners gave out hundreds of white poppies and leaflets during the day.
She said: "We do this each year and, as usual, some people take the leaflets and others don't. It was a cold and wet afternoon, so I wouldn't say it was a good response, but we were there and we had some people coming up to us to talk about the issues.
"We spoke about the wars going on and the other problems and how fighting isn't going to make any of it any better."

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