Monday, 14 May 2012


At Christchurch, Clarendon Park, for the first session in a new course, "Introduction to Ayurveda", offered by Christians Aware as part of their Faith Awareness programme.

The five-week course (interrupted by holidays on two successive Mondays) is led by Neena Joshi (photo above), who runs yoga classes locally, as well as being involved in Leicester’s Art of Living centre. There are 38 Art of Living centres throughout England (25 of them outside London).
Neena introduces us to many technical terms this evening, some of which will be more clearly defined as we progress through the course. As far as this introductory session goes, probably the most important one to grasp is the meaning of Ayurveda itself: Ayur means "life", Veda means "knowledge".
After being immersed in a lot of theory, Neena closes the session by leading us through a quarter of an hour of breathing and movment practice, to relax the body and calm the mind.

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