Sunday, 6 May 2012


At Secular Hall, Humberstone Gate, this evening, for the regular weekly public meeting hosted by Leicester Secular Society. There are 30 people here: good turnout for a Bank Holiday weekend (and on the first day of decent weather we've had in weeks) and considering the fact that Humberstone Gate is something of an obstacle course right now, with all the redevelopment going on there.

Guest speaker tonight is Dr Stuart Price, Reader in Media Discourse; Senior Lecturer in Media, Film and Journalism at De Montfort University. His title: "Calls to Order: England's Anarchic August Revisited."

In this illustrated talk, Dr Price examines media coverage of the riots that took place in several English cities in August 2011, concentrating on front pages and opinion columns from print media. he asks us to consider, if disorder is portrayed in a certain way, then what kind of order is it that needs to be defended and preserved?

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