Tuesday, 22 March 2011


I thought you might be wondering, faithful reader, just who attended the meeting earlier today in the Tea Room at Town Hall on behalf of our eight member faith communities. They were (back row, l-r) Tony Nelson, Jewish representative; Suleman Nagdi, Muslim representative; Ajmer Singh Basra, Sikh representative; (front row, l-r) Rev Pete Hobson, Christian representative; Barbara Winner, Bahá'í representative; Councillor Manjula Sood, Hindu representative; Sumaya Budkovsa, Buddhist representative; Dr Ramesh Mehta, Jain representative.

The picture above is the more conventional of two that the City Council has provided. I'm using this here because it allows easier identification of the attendees, but it may not be the one that ends up being sent to the Licester Mercury. That one is a little more arty - as you may have guessed from seeing the blog entry posted here earlier today.

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