Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Strolling down Bonners Lane through De Montfort University campus this afternoon (just on my way to a routine appointment at my GP in the West End), I spy a table loaded with boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts. Now, that's likely to get my interest for a start. As my innmer Homer Simpson slows down to pay a bit more attention, one of the students running the stall asks if I want to buy a box. When I ask him what they're selling them for, he tells me that they're in aid of "Discover Islam Week" - partly to cvover the costs of the week, partly to raise money for good causes. I'm not aware of this event at azll. I don't know if it's something confined to colleges and universities, or if it's related to Islam Awareness Week, that normally takes place in November. Nevertheless, I'm happy to stop and chat with the students. While I'm rummaging around in my bag for one of my new business cards, I'm greeted by Zubair Sidat, President of the University's Islamic Student Society (ISOC), whom I remember visiting our exhibition in Highcross during National Inter Faith Week last November. I'm chuffed to see that he has one of the social media flyers that we were giving out at that event, well-creased and a bit distressed, but he has it in his pocket. Zubair is in the centre of the group photo above.

I enjoy the chat but resist the Krispy Kremes. Well, they offer me a free one and who could say no to that? Mind you, it's the only time I've ever uttered the words, "I love Islam and I love doughnuts" in the same breath!

I ask Zubair's permission to take some photos and record ask if I can record a few video interviews with the students taking part. He's fine about it, but some of the others are a little apprehensive to start with. Can't blame them for that, although I soon win them over. As well as the two pavement stalls, one on either side of the road, they've set up a marquee outside the university library. I spend a quarter of an hour in there, where I also do a little filming, with their consent and participation.

There are some interesting talks scheduled for each evening of the week. Sadly, coincidence of short notice and Half Term mean I won't be able to get along to any of them.

I offer a loan of the Council of Faiths "Muslims" banner, if someone can phone me Wednesday morning and pick it up from Pilgrim House.

Watch the videos I recorded on the Council of Faiths YouTube channel.

I shared the link to the YouTube channel (and to this blog entry) on the DMU Discover Islam Facebook page.



  2. Thank you so much!!

  3. alhamdullilah my boys holding it down

  4. Yes Zubair n d team (isoc). my duas r wiv u.