Wednesday, 10 March 2010

VCS assembly steering group (2)

At Voluntary Action Leicester this afternoon, for another meeting of the VCS Assembly Steering group. I'd attended an earlier meeting of this group on 22 Jan (see blog entry for that date) then missed one in February which coincided with one of REDP's involvement events. There are seven of us round the table today - fewer than at either of the previous meetings, maybe because our focus today sounds rather mundane: "Governance and Structure". In my earlier blog entry on this subject, I mentioned that this body hasn't got a particularly catchy name. Today that's one of the matters under discussion. At the February meeting, some names had been suggested and today we choose one of them. I'm not giving away here what it is: there's a time for everything, after all! We also considered a variety of models for the assembly's structure and governance and chose one of them to commend for adoption. One of those attending today expressed the hope that this assembly would be able to maximise skills and opportunities for the benefit of everyone working in the voluntary and community sector in the city and county. In the same terms, the assembly also has the chance to be a great leveller.

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