Monday, 31 December 2012


This article appears in today's Leicester Mercury:

Muslims in city parade
Hundreds of Muslims joined a procession through Leicester yesterday to mourn the murder of relatives of the Prophet Mohammed.
Worshippers gathered at the Majid-al-Husayn mosque in Duxbury Street, Spinney Hills, and walked around nearby streets while praying and commemorating The Prophet's grandson Imam Husayn, who was slain in the year 680.
Mosque spokesman Burket Ali Walji said: "The slaying of Husayn is the most tragic event in the history of Islam. He was an opponent of an oppressive, brutal caliph and represented tolerance, truth and justice.
"He was chased by the caliph's army into the deserts of Karbal in Iraq and murdered along with his own family and companions. His message is one that is inherently felt by all mankind regardless of their race or creed. That is why we mark his death every year."

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