Thursday, 22 April 2010


On the front page of "The Week", the Leicester Mercury's entertainment supplement included with the paper every Thursday, there's a striking photo of the Make It Nice Brothers - one of whom may be better known to you, faithful reader, as Naim Cortazzi. This lead article is promoting the Mercury's very own Summer Sundae Fringe Showcase festival. Rather than have you strain your eyes unnecessarilly, here's the text:
Presented in conjunction with the lovely people at Pineapster, the gig will feature some of the biggest acts in Leicester at the moment – (drum roll please) Charlie and the Martyrs, Autohype, Jersey Budd, Fatal Star and Uncle Frank. [...] here we give you The Make It Nice Brothers, aka Uncle Frank Benbini and Na'im "Blue Steel" Cortazzi, the duo who make up both Uncle Frank and Fatal Star.
There's talk of DJs, skits and the entire Leicester Riders basketball team coming down to support the set.
"It's going to be a special night," said Na'im. "Uncle Frank is... well, how to explain it. It's like a theatrical Benny Hill meets Barry White.
"We're bringing down our friends from the Riders, as well, to give us a bit of support and we've got a DJ, Boy Kid Cloud, so we're going to do it Run DMC style. It's going to be a party.
"We've got a specially penned song just for the night, about the Leicester music scene."
For anyone who doesn't know, the pair have been performing in the two acts for several years.
Na'im fronts Fatal Star and Frank takes the reins for Uncle Frank. "There's too much talent there to restrict it to just one thing," laughs Na'im.
"But for this show we'll put it all together. It'll make sense when you see it live, I think.
"Music for us was never about being popstars or being famous. It's truly an expression of our souls."
More laughter.
"I know that sounds pretentious but we do love it. We'll never stop."
Music has been a big part of their lives for a long time, and the pair met while in other bands about 10 years ago.
As well as his partnership with Na'im, Frank is also busy touring the world with his other band (you may have heard of them, Fun Lovin' Criminals? He plays drums.) "They're really good guys," says Na'im. "They look after their own."

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