Wednesday, 14 April 2010

CreativeCoffee Club (3)

To Phoenix Square Digital Film and Media Centre this morning, for the regular fortnightly meeting of CreativeCoffee Club. Almost entirely new faces today; it's great to see how this is growing with every meeting. The dominant theme of this meeting is preparation for the Amplified Leicester showcase, which is taking place here tomorrow.

The Leicester on the Map website goes live today, in advance of tomorrow's showcase. Leicester On The Map is an independent online PR network to promote the City of Leicester. It aims to make Leicester the first city to promote itself using crowd-sourcing and social media. It's looking for citizens from all backgrounds to act as advocates, lobbyists and ambassadors for the city.

Find out more about Leicester on the Map:

Find out about Leicester on the World Map and help show how globally connected our cosmopolitan city is:

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