Saturday, 22 June 2013


This letter appears in today's Leicester Mercury:
Why would they want to visit us?
All right, so Leicester has been shortlisted in the final four to be the City of Culture 2017, but what does it mean for us the people of Leicester?
Firstly, it means our leader, Sir Peter Soulsby, can throw more good money (that we have not got) at a project (that we may not get).
Why, and for what purpose?
In my opinion, Leicester is not fit for the purpose.
Why would anybody want to come to Leicester, when we have the following:
Bus service not fit for purpose.
A city centre you cannot drive into.
At least three entertainment venues that rely on the council for support.
Untidy streets.
High Street and shopping centres with empty shops.
With exception of the Leicester Tigers, no sporting achievements.
Every week at least one or two fast food outlets closed due to environmental or health concerns.
This list is not exhaustive and no doubt other readers could add their own thoughts.
I for one would not go out of my way to visit Leicester if it was selected as City of Culture 2017.
Ian G Lambert, Leicester

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