Saturday, 22 June 2013


This letter appears in today's Leicester Mercury:
Bigger issues than City of Culture bid
What's this City of Culture bid all about? Do we win a load of cash or will we be expected to spend loads of taxpayers' cash?
There are far more important things that need to be sorted out in Leicester before bothering about being a City of Culture, which seems to me to be a popularity contest between councils.
It would seem councillors and the mayor are putting this city forward for things they say make a great deal of difference to the city.
Yet I recall Liverpool being a city of culture some time ago. All it seems to have got for its trouble was a concert by Sir Paul McCartney and a load of metal figures on a beach, which contribute nothing to the wellbeing of society in general while quietly rusting away.
If we are, as those involved say, a City of Culture, why is the Haymarket theatre closed and been unused for years?
Why is De Montfort Hall, built as a temporary theatre years ago, still in existence?
Why do we not have a large arena capable of attracting the big and really popular acts, events and musicians to this city, instead of us having to traipse to Coventry, Birmingham and Nottingham?
This bid seems like a waste of money and time to me.
Of course, I shall expect Leicester City Council not to keep us properly informed of events.
They have been rubbish at advertising events in Leicester.
Bernard Fox, Leicester

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