Monday, 25 January 2010

Mindfulness and Meditation (2)

Second session in the course on Mindfulness and Meditation offered by Christians Aware at Christchurch, Clarendon Park Road. Leading the session is Ian Grayling (backed up by his colleague, Kevin Commons) from the Serene Reflection Meditation Group.

This evening's topic is "seeing". What we understand we see is more than just what enters through the eyes. The brain's need to make sense of things allows it to be tricked into seeing things that might not be what they appear. Often we don't see what is actually there, but try to represent what we think is there - or that we believe should be there. This requires us to look closely, attentively, mindfully. We're given some practical experience in this by Beatte having us do some drawing. I used to draw quite well, but am I ever out of practice! Less overtly "spiritual" content than last week, though we still do a few exercises on our breathing.

On the way to Christchurch, I stop in at Sansome's bar on Queens Road for a coffee. They have a flyer for a "Faith Discussion Group" that meets there on Tuesday evenings. "Meet some friendly people for a spiritual based discussion followed by a curry and pub quiz" it says. Right now I have another commitment Tuesday evenings, but I leave my card with the fellow behind the bar and ask if he'll pass it on to whoever organises this event.

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