Thursday, 15 August 2013


This article appears in today's Leicester Mercury:

Hundreds celebrate Pakistan Independence Day in Leicester
Hundreds of people poured on to the street to celebrate Pakistan Independence Day in Leicester last night.
St Peters Road, in Highfields, was closed by police from about 10pm as revellers gathered and celebrated by dancing, waving flags and sounding hooters.
The road, which was shut from East Park Road to Melbourne Road, re-opened at about midnight.
Inspector Ben Gillard, of Spinney Hills police station, wrote on social networking website Twitter: “Flags and high spirits in the Highfields for Pakistan independence day. All good natured.”
After the road re-opened he added: “Everything good humoured, people polite and friendly. A pleasure to police #credittoLeicester.”
Celebrations are also expected tonight to mark Indian Independence Day.
Festivities normally begin in the Belgrave Road area during the day and the street is often closed by police during the evening as revellers gather waving flags.
In Leicester, the celebrations traditionally involve a street party on Belgrave Road, a party in Cossington Park, and cultural performances at Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre. Thousands of people attend the annual celebrations in the City.

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