Tuesday, 31 July 2012


This letter appears in today's Leicester Mercury (but not on its website):
Link to God is greatest reality
Chris Lymn (Mailbox, July 27) has written at length about the absurdity (as he sees it) of belief in God.
Belief in some kind of god may indeed be challenged by arguments, such as those he makes but, uniquely among religions, that is not the case with Christianity.
Why not? The fundamental issues that seems to escape so many who challenge Christianity is that Christianity is not simply about belief in the God of the Bible.
Christianity is about a relationship with God that follows from acting on the basis of belief in what he says about himself in the Bible.Many years ago, my girlfriend said that she loved me.
I believed her, and we are still enjoying that relationship.
A person becomes a Christian by an exactly equivalent process: belief followed by appropriate action.
Without that act of total commitment that results in an intimate personal relationship, a person who believes in the God of the Bible is not a Christian.
Even Chris Lymn must surely agree that it would be absurd for me to deny the fact that I am married.
Equally I cannot deny the fact of my personal relationship with God, a relationship that has mental, emotional and physical aspects no less real than those in my marriage.
That is why Christians down the ages have suffered martyrdom rather than deny the greatest reality of their loves.
David Adams, Oadby

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  1. Oh, the "my god is bigger than yours" line. Because it says so in that dubious book.