Saturday, 2 June 2012


Carnival of Stars, a collection of young Christian singers and musicians who perform songs of celebration and praise in varying combinations and a variety of styles, is appearing at the Clock Tower this afternoon.

They put on this same show yesterday evening at DMU Campus Centre as part of a two-day campaign, sharing their Good News. They attract a sizeable receptive crowd here, many of whom stay for a big chunk of the performance, which lasts the better part of three hours. Among the smaller groups performing today, drawn from Carnival of Stars wider line-up, are the Life Ladies (photo below).

I video four songs and upload them to the Council of Faiths YouTube channel. Check out our Carnival of Stars playlist there. This has been done with the permission of Pastor Emmanuel-Iseaka of the Amazing Grace Parish, whom I spoke to at the event.

Spot the woman doing "the invisible walk" in the photo at the top.

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