Saturday, 2 June 2012


Leicester Cathedral is making a major contribution to local celebrations of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee over this extended holiday weekend. The Diamond Jubilee began in earnest with the Queen's visit to Leicester on Tuesday 8 March. She spent much of that day in and around the Cathedral, so there are many mementoes of that day on show here, comprising the foundation of the Cathedral's activities over the next few days.

The display above commemorates the visit of the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Duchess of Cambridge to the Cathedral. It's a collage, made up of a myriad tiny pictures of scenes from the visit and portraits of Leicester people, taken on the day. You can see how it works on the video I made with Beverley Farrand giving a short tour of the Cathedral, pointing out things related to the royal visit and the Diamond Jubilee, which I've posted on the Council of Faiths YouTube Channel.

One of the most interesting things I see today is the Corona, made from willow branches by Sue Pyecroft. Sue is an artist, puppeteer, teacher and theatre designer. She's an Artistic Director with Bamboozle Theatre. The Corona is suspended over the spot where the royal visitors sat during the Cathedral service on 8 March. It's so light and ethereal that it appears to float there, unsupported. The Corona will be on display at least until the end of Jubilee Week.

And here's Julie Ann Heath, Chaplain at the Cathedral (and member of Leicester Council of Faiths), arranging flowers near the Cathedral entrance. The arrangement (she tells me) is inspired by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit - the gift that keeps on giving.

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