Wednesday, 14 December 2011


At Phoenix Square Film and Digital Media Centre this morning for the fortnightly meeting of CreativeCoffee Club. There are a dozen or so around the tables this morning; that’s good compared to the last two scheduled meetings.

This morning we meet Patrick Welsh, recently appointed Marketing Manager at Phoenix Square. He introduces himself to us collectively, seeks our opinions on what made CreativeCoffee Club work, why it appears not to be working now, and what might be done to revivify it (that's what's going on in the photo above). After doing this for a quarter of an hour or so, Patrick spends the rest of the morning going round the table and speaking with each of us individually.

It could be said that the CreativeCoffee Club experience on offer for the past few months has been the decaff version. Whatever it was that gave it its zing is missing now. Rebecca Harvey, who was in overall charge of things now that CreativeCoffee Club has been taken over wholly by Phoenix Square, was staring to do a nice job, but barely had the chance to get her teeth into it before moving on to pastures new. Of the half-dozen or so people who came forward several months ago to make up the new management group which would work alongside Rebecca, only Jed Spittle and I appear to remain. So, short of begging Jayne Childs to come back, what can be done to inject some life back into CreativeCoffee Club?

With Patrick taking a hand-on role now, CreativeCoffee Club will probably be the subject of a new marketing push, with various media and methods being explored for the first time (can we have CreativeCoffee Club mugs? Wouldn't that be a nice marketing tool? How come no one has thought of that one before?) 

Below is a list of today's attendees. These are live links, so click on them to go straight through to the relevant website or Twitter account.

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