Friday, 30 December 2011


This letter appears in today's Leicester Mercury:
Can the Bishop produce evidence for his view?
I was somewhat surprised to read the assertions in Bishop Tim Stevens' article "No scientific equation will explain God" (First Person, December 17).
Of course, in a way, he is correct because it is an almighty task to try to explain something for which there is no credible evidence of its existence. He was writing of the recent experiments with the atomic particle collider machine at CERN.
He was being dismissive of the idea that the experiments had discovered a "God particle".
He need not worry – as I understand it, the scientists have discovered some new sub-atomic particles of whose existence they had only guessed in the past.
According to him it is not so much scientists making discoveries, but his God kindly gradually revealing the "mysteries of the universe".
There is no evidence at all for this version of events, or if there is I hope he can produce it.
Michael Gerard, President: Leicester Secular Society

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