Thursday, 11 August 2011


This open letter from Sir Peter Soulsby, Mayor of Leicester, is published today on the front page of the Leicester Mercury.

Yobs won't ruin our proud city
I know that the people of Leicester share my anger and sadness at the disturbances that have taken place in the city.
These were carried out by a small group of people – mostly very young – who have no regard for others, or for their community.
This is not what Leicester is about. Leicester is a proud, harmonious and peaceful city – and the actions of local people since the disturbances have demonstrated, once again, that our true community spirit is alive and well.
I would like to thank the police for their thoroughly professional work to keep our streets safe, and the council staff who have done so much to help clear up and keep disruption to the minimum.
But, most particularly, I would like to thank all of you who have spoken out in support for our city – people from all communities, the business and voluntary sectors, our sporting clubs, neighbouring councils and our MPs.
Our city council will continue to work very closely with the police and other agencies to ensure that people can go about their business as usual.
I am always impressed by the way Leicester people pull together in times of need.
I know you will all share my determination that the behaviour of a very small minority of people should not have a lasting impact on our city, and that we will all continue with our efforts to make Leicester an even better place in which to live and work.
Peter Soulsby

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