Tuesday, 2 July 2013


This article appears in today's Leicester Mercury:

Premier boost for culture bid
by Alan Thompson
The UK premiere of a film shot in Belgrave will take place in the city in September – giving a boost to Leicester's City of Culture bid.
Jadoo, which was filmed on the Golden Mile in March last year, was given its international premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival in February.
Now, the colourful comedy, which tells the story of two brothers who open competing restaurants in Belgrave Road after they each inherit half of their mother's recipes, is coming to the city.
Its director, Amit Gupta, was born above the Chaat House restaurant, in Belgrave Road.
Still owned by his family, it appeared in the film, along with Exotica, a restaurant further up the street.
People and businesses who were filmed – including Leicester East MP Keith Vaz – will get the chance to see themselves on the big screen at an as yet unnamed, cinema in the city – unless they've hit the cut ting room floor! Rajesh Pabari, owner of Shiva Shakri Foods, in MacDonald Road, off Belgrave Road, whose shop was used for a scene, said: "They spent about half a day filming a scene about the brothers buying ingredients.It will be interesting to see it, I'm looking forward to it."
Mr Vaz, who plays himself judging which of the brothers cooked the best food, said: "I actually haven't seen it yet but I am very much looking forward to it coming out.
"It was great fun filming and I hope people will go to see it and enjoy Leicester on the big screen."
Mr Vaz has been invited to a private screening of the film when it comes out in September. City assistant mayor and Belgrave ward councillor Manjula Sood said:"I think this will be a great boost for Leicester's city of culture bid.
"It will raise Leicester's profile and put the city on the map"I've known Amit, who directed the film, since he was a little boy, born and brought up in Leicester, so I'm very proud.
"The producers have asked me if it would be possible to banners up across Belgrave Road and I am going to speak to the council's festivals and events team. Jadoo's Associate producer, Farhana Bula, said: "We wanted to be able to tie in the UK premiere with Leicester's bid to become City of Culture.
"The exact date and venue are to be finalized."

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