Wednesday, 27 February 2013


This letter appears in today's Leicester Mercury:
Laudable church aim is quite impossible
John Burrows expressed a "dream" that a new Pope could empower inter-communion between Catholic and Protestant churches (Mailbox, February 21).
Indeed, this is a very laudable aim – but, as he realises, it is at present an impossibility, as Catholic and Protestant interpretations of Holy Communion differ so radically.
It would, therefore, be quite inappropriate for church members to receive something they do not accept or believe.
The outgoing Holy Father has made available a facility called the Ordinariat, which is a short-track for Anglican clergy to return home to the Catholic fold and by which many of the cherished Anglican traditions can be maintained, as long as essential Catholic teachings are accepted and upheld.
A significant number of clergy have used this facility in order to enter into full communion with Rome. Meanwhile, we can continue to pray for Christian unity.
Mark W Jacques, Quorn

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