Sunday, 8 April 2012


If you missed this amazing programme, you can watch it on the BBC iPlayer until 2329, Sunday 15 April 2012. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Here are details for The Passion in Port Talbot from the BBC iPlayer website:
At Easter 2011, actor Michael Sheen returned to his hometown of Port Talbot to direct and star in a modern, secular retelling of the Passion of Christ. This film captures the highlights of three days of drama played out in the streets, beach and shopping centre of the South Wales industrial town.
The play includes suicide bombers, mass public protest and ghostly visions, and features a guest appearance from Welsh rock band manic Street Preachers. It climaxes with a terrifying scene of public execution in front of an audience of 12,000 people on a roundabout at the seafront. Described in a leading national newspapers as “one of the outstanding theatrical events of the decade”, the play featured over 1,000 members of the community.

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