Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Centre of Excellence in Community Cohesion (4)

At the St Philip's Centre, Evington, for the latest meeting of our sub-group working on proposals for the Centre of Excellence in Community Cohesion. The meeting is led by Jasbir Mann (Head of Learning Services, Leicester City Council). There's another four of us in this meeting: Nick Carter (Chair, Leicester Multicultural Advisory Group), John Hall (Director, St Philip's Centre), Resham Singh Sandhu (Chair, Sikh Cultural and Welfare Society) and me.

Our main tasks today: to convert a paper (already written by Jasbir and presented to the wider group working on this project at its last meeting) into a proposal with two audiences - internal and external; to make progress on mapping work already being done in this field; to decide what we mean by "community cohesion" (we might end up saying "what used to be called 'community cohesion'.")

At moments, bashing out the form of words around the table makes me imagine that we're in the dullest ever episode of The West Wing. Rob Lowe and Richard Schiff made doing all that copy amendment stuff look so cool!

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